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We respect the privacy of guest users on our website We will process the information that you enter through our web pages in a confidential way in the Personal Data Act (523/1999).

This Privacy Policy describes how we use and handle the information we collect from you as a user of our website. By using our web site, you agree to the privacy and cookie policies described on this page. As a user of this site, you consent to the saving of cookies by enabling cookies in your browser settings.

We reserve the right to update and change this Privacy Policy.

What information we collect?

When you visit our website, we collect information about your use and usage experience, such as your IP address, information about your browser and your operating system settings and how to use the pages anonymously. We use the data we collect to develop and improve our websites.

We only collect personal information that you voluntarily send to us via our web site. When filling out a contact form through our website you will be asked for a name and email address. We may ask for your e-mail address or other relevant personal information when you download publications from our website or when signing up for events organized by us or our partners.

If you have enabled cookies in your browser, your IP address may be linked to the information you enter on our website to improve customer communication. On the other hand, in some cases, we encrypt the IP address so that it cannot be traced back to the user.

How we use your information?

  • Processing and responding to contact requests
  • To present the content of our web pages in the best way possible for your device
  • Monitoring the use of our web pages, improving our user experience and functionality
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of promotional and marketing campaigns
  • In the framework permitted by law to market our services and to provide you with products and services
  • Improving customer communication and identifying potential customers

Do we give information forward?

We will not disclose your personal data outside and we will use your information only in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Access to data is only available to people in our service who need data to perform their duties. Your information will not be disclosed to other organizations for commercial purposes.

As an exception to the above, your data may be transferred to companies providing services also outside the EU and the EEA under the Personal Data Act. Third parties have no permission to use the information for their own purposes and they must be committed to ensuring an adequate level of data protection.

How to influence the collection of data?

You have the right to review what information you keep and to make corrections and changes to the information and, if you wish, request the removal of the data. You also have the right to deny your use of your data to direct marketing.

  • Requests for the above can be submitted by e-mail toimisto [at]
  • You can send a request via our contact form via our web pages

If you do not want our websites to store cookies, it is possible to deny browser settings on a site or whole. You can also delete cookies stored by your browser at any time. For example:

However, it should be noted that banning cookie files may affect site’s functionality.

Use of cookies.

A cookie file is a small text file to be stored on your computer. We use cookie files on our website primarily to improve the site’s experience and functionality and to evaluate how content on the site is used. The cookies we use on our website do not collect personal information.

We use also third-party site analytics and marketing systems on our website, such as Google Analytics. The system collects information about visitors to the site using cookie files to evaluate and improve site usage. This information includes, for example, what the user has found on the site and how he works on the site. System providers will transmit and retain collected information on their servers.

Google Analytics may also disclose information to third parties if it uses third-party information as a processor or if the law requires disclosure. Google declares that it only stores non-unique information, that is, it does not combine the collected data with a single person. Google Analytics uses first-party cookies mostly produce sivustoanalytiikkapalvelun.

How can you contact us??

For inquiries regarding privacy and cookies, please contact us by email toimisto [at]

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